Akbronco Prime Secondary Back

Details   Dual Shotgun Prime 3,000 affinity


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Name Plat

min / max / avg

Full set 45 / 100 / 66 -
Link 2 / 16 / 6 45
Relic Rarity
VaultedAxi S1 Relic Uncommon
Lith A2 Relic Uncommon
VaultedLith N1 Relic Uncommon
VaultedLith S5 Relic Uncommon
Blueprint 2 / 12 / 6 15
Relic Rarity
VaultedLith S2 Relic Uncommon
VaultedLith S3 Relic Uncommon
Meso O1 Relic Uncommon
VaultedMeso S3 Relic Uncommon

Prime Access & Prime Vaults

Akbronco Prime is not part of a Prime Access pack

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