So what is WFLists?

Well, its some lists. Related to Warframe.

You can use it to keep track of the equipment you own and that you still need to find. It'll help you make some sense of the amazing diversity of Warframes, weapons and other bits with detailed drop locations from the Official Warframe Drop Locations lists and the latest prices from should you need to buy or sell.

What can it do?

Who's to blame for WFLists? and how do I complain?

You can give me a yell in-game /w Steleku WFLists sucks or message me on Reddit (/u/Steleku)

Try to be nice...

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WFLists would have taken much longer without:

jQuery without jQuery? No thanks.
Bootstrap and Javascript that makes magically easy layouts, trivial components and easy UIs
DataTables, searchable tables with dynamic access. Makes my life soo easy.
Moment.js * Javascript the ability to understand dates (and no, the built-in Date doesn't count)
Bootstrap DateTimePicker * date/time control that just works.
Chart.js, beautiful charts.
* These components aren't in use right now due to changes in the way sortie rewards work. Still great libraries which I'll be using again.


WFLists relies on a bunch of data. Some was compiled specifically but I'd like to thank the following:

Other thanks

The Warframe Wiki