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Welcome to WFLists

Lists to make your Warframe progress amazing

Quickly see what's left and what's new, keep track of all your equipment, find drops and stay up to date with in-game events

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So why should I join?

Joining lets you track your own progress, view your own stats and contribute to the global stats. With you on board we can make the world a better place.

What's new with WFLists

  • New! price data from Warframe.market in the item details
  • New! drop location data from the Official tables in the item details
  • New! you can save item progress to your account
  • New! Prime Access info
  • New! Quick Drop Searching
  • New! World-state tracker for alerts and invasions
  • New! Login reward tracker
  • New! Sortie reward tracker
  • New! Comprehensive stats for rewards and equipment
  • New! You can close your account (if you really want to)
  • Updated! Equipment progress UI made more sane
  • Fixed! You can now change your password again
  • New! If you can't remember it, you can now reset it

What's next?

  • Updates to the user dashboard
  • Customisable desktop notifications for the Event Tracker

Quick Stats

Total registered Tenno513
Total items owned2862
Total forma applied2370
Total potatoes applied967
Total login rewards3122
Total sortie rewards2828

Current Prime Access & Vault

Name Ends
Zephyr Prime Access -